Christmas music and Bootcamp this week

10 Dec

So, I think I mentioned this the other day — I am perfectly willing to push others but not myself . . . this week, Bootcamp is all about pushing yourself (even me!) — be that with more reps, heavier weights or just giving it your all in the hour long class.

Before I go on — I am obsessed with rock my run — it’s this site where you earn 1 credit/month or you can buy them pretty inexpensively and download pre-mixed mixes. I wasn’t sure about it at first because there was always this “ROCK MY RUN” commercial in the middle of the run — but they seem to have removed that from the newer mixes. I just got this one: Stocking Stuffers — 45 min of Christmas! And yes, I am totally planning to use it in class today. 🙂

And on to that — here’s the plan: after warm up this:

Circuit 1 Dec 10

followed by a partner circuit:

Partner Circuit 2 Dec 10

Then a 20/10 Tabata alternating push ups and squats

Finisher is plate pushes 3-6 rounds (dep on time) — might do these partner style. like have them at opp ends of gym and push to one end, add a plate push it back, push it back to partner and switch (so one plate to start, add a plate, 2 rounds with 2 plates?) we shall see.

Abs circuit today is pilates style:

torso twist, corkscrew, criss cross, side plank and teaser

i’m ready to workout!


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