Lots of things, including plantar fasciitis

4 Dec

When did I even post last? Seems like a lot has happened. Let’s start with the 1/2 marathon Sat.

Set my alarm, snoozed, dreamed i forgot to wear a sports bra, work in a panic and then got up. Ate a granola energy bar thing and drank some gatorade and headed off to kellee’s. We left and got to rendevous point at 7:30 am. For a 9 am race. Great. So we waited. Aaron arrived and we headed up to the parking area. Easily parked, got our bibs and shirts (horray, a long sleeve tech shirt!) and went to the bathroom. Multiple times. There was a 10k (ish, I read somewhere it was a 6.7 mile trail) that was supposed to start at 8:30 . . . more like 8:45 and the 1/2 didn’t start until like 9:30 for some reason. So we were off. It was a double loop course and so perfect – loved being out on the trails with my girls.

Second loop. Kellee busted it somewhere on the first loop but seemed ok. There were a lot of almost falls and then I did not even see it coming and pow. landed solidly on my right hip and somehow both of my knees. Got up and kept going. Our pace had slowed significantly at this point and boy was I hurting, both from the fall and the slower pace — despite fatigue, felt better to just go.

Finally end of the second loop, we had stuck together through a beautiful course despite falls and potty breaks and we crossed the finish together [NOT FAST BUT NOT LAST! OH YEA!]. Oh, and according to K’s garmin (which she started a few min into the race) we ran 13.4 miles.

After running 13.4 miles

After running 13.4 miles

So, that’s done and now I have bruises. And plantar fasciitis. UGH. I have had it before and it SUCKS. I tried running during bootcamp today. That was dumb. I then made the people who were there run. And I watched them. That was awesome but I wanted to run!

So bootcamp was hard and I subbed pilates today which was great.

Here was bootcamp today:

Warm-up (10 minutes)

We used a bench w/ 4 risers under each side. Alternate: step ups on the bench (1 min – 45 sec – 30 sec) each leg, then 15 push-ups.

Set 1: Jog/Squats & Lunges/Biceps (12 minutes)

A. Jog 1 minute, lunge 2 laps
Jog 1 minute, side squat 2 laps — We did these 2 outside followed by tiny hill suicides [which I, sadly, did not do]

B. Bicep sequence with bars.- 1 minute. 30 sec recular biceps, 30 hammer curl

Repeat both sections

  • Start with push ups (regular or modify) 3 sets of 8
  • Small arm circles with light weight — one min each direction. They were about to kill me.
  • Shoulder presses with dumbbells. Do this 8 – 10 times.

Set 2: Footwork on Bench/Squats/Triceps (10 minutes)

A. Toe Taps on the bench: 1 minute, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds. In between each increment do 25 squats

B. Tricep dips on the bench- 1 minute

  • Repeat push up – arm circle – oh press sequence

Set 3: 20/10 Sequence/Shoulders (9 minutes)

20 seconds/10 seconds

A. 20 football feet/10 march or jog
20 jumping jacks/10 march or jog
20 jump squats/ 10 march or jog
20 jump rope/10 slow heel digs
20 high knees/10 march or jog
20 football feet/10 slow speed bag
20 jacks/ 10 half speed

B. Overhead press with DB-1 minute

  • arm circles! same as before.

Tricep shoulder combo:

  1.  tricep kickbacks
  2. front raises with dumps.

Finisher: 5 min

AMRAP 3 push ups (toe), 12 Box Jumps, 6 Rows, 24 Ropes

We then had time for abs and some stretching. I had 8 people tonight. 3 new. I don’t expect to see them ever again.

But I’ll be back. Tomorrow is another BOOTCAMP! We’re going heavy weights tomorrow. And no jumping but I might make them do some running. 🙂 I think I’ll take the am off and get some things done around the house. I don’t teach at all on Wed so maybe will do something then. Or there’s a spin class on Thurs am I might do. I am registered to do a 10k Sat. Hope my foot will cooperate.


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