Incredible (Hulk) Tuesday

13 Nov












So I made sandbags today — 20, 30 & 50 lb. Here’s what I want to do with them:

Big Gym (I hope!) — I think this will probably be some kind of circuit as I only have 3 sandbags and today I had 14 people — I’m thinking 3 people can do the carries (surely there won’t be fights breaking out over who gets the heavy bag???) and everyone else alternates between the other exercises? We’ll just go till everyone has a chance to do everything — I’m also hoping to use the big gym — it’s a big practice bball court that is at least 4x as big as the aerobic room

  1. Carry 20-50lb sandbag overhead 120 yards (2x out and back in big gym – 12x in aerobic room?) + 10 squats with press (or OH) at each end
  2. 10 burpees
  3. 20 squat jumps
  4. 20 mountain climbers
  5. 20 push ups
  6. 50 toe taps on step
  7. carry 20-50lb sandbag overhead & run 120 yards (2x out and back big gym or 6x in aerobic room) + 10 squats with press (or OH) at each end

Repeat 2x:

2×12: heavy weights &/or barbell

  • chest flyes
  • clean and press
  • plate pinch curl (hold 2 plates, lift and rotate wrists and lower back to sides)
  • reverse (hands overhand) bar curl
  • hammer curl with twist — one arm at a time
  • high knee skips (30 sec)
  • pistol squat (10/leg)
  • box jumps (30 sec)
  • jump ropes (30 sec)


  • Burpees + push up x8
  • Lateral walking planks x8
  • Side plank with inner leg ext x8
  • Moutain climbers x8
  • Spider plank x8
  • Plank jack x8

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