Monday funday

12 Nov
Bays Mountain Park Bike Ride February 7, 2009

Bays Mountain Park Bike Ride February 7, 2009 (Photo credit: Outdoor_Adventure_Training)

Long weekend. Was going to do a 5k last night but my MIL invited herself over. Which she never does. She has macular degeneration and therefore cannot drive so after church, daughter and i went to birthday party, came home, downed a glass of wine in preparation for MIL and went to get her and go to dinner at Applebees. I haven’t mentioned this but I try to eat mostly if not entirely vegetarian. Applebees has NOTHING vegetarian on the menu. How is that even possible in 2012 that a resturarant doesn’t have vegetarian options? Anyway, it didn’t matter as daughter was pretty tired and has developed a fear of body functions after a week with the flu – she had a FLIPPING MELTDOWN in the bathroom — people probably thought I was abusing her. She did not calm down after that so I basically didn’t get to eat. Was embarrassing and I found myself saying to her that she was ruining dinner — and that’s when I heard my father’s voice telling me I ruin everything (yes, he used to tell me that as a child) and I am still pretty upset I thought that let alone said it to her. She’s 3 and doesn’t understand shit. So I feel like a terrible mother. And no 5k.

There is a 5k this weekend — I think I’m going to do it. Also — there is a 1/2 marathon Dec 1. It’s a semi-trail 1/2 and if childcare works out, I’m also doing that one — not for time, just for fun and to run the whole time. Then Dec 8 there’s a 10k. Again will be for fun — and hopefully COLD!!!!! Love love love running in the cold! Oh, and the South Park (Charlotte, NC) 8k on Thanksgiving Day! With my mom & dad!

Anyway, on to Monday’s Bootcamp. Oh, I’m also going to Home Depot or Lowe’s today and getting stuff to make sandbags for tomorrow’s workout. Yes yes yes.

Upper body circuit @45 sec ea: 

  • dead lift row
  • weighted jump rope (light weights)
  • pass under — pass DB under leg when you lunge forward (R, then L)
  • suitcase swing — hold heavy DB by side and squat
  • OH bridge press pulse

 Cardio — 3 min

  • High knees 30 sec
  • plank jacks 30 sec
  • frog hops 30 sec
  • Repeat

Circuit 2 – @45 sec ea

  • Reverse lunge with front kick (R, then L)
  • Lateral walking plank push up
  • mt climbers
  • squat w knee lift (alternating)
  • bridge, lift and lower one leg (R, then L) (arms up w/ or w/o weight)
  • squat with side leg lift (alternating)
  • one arm push up — lay on one side, 90/90 legs, cross arms and push up
  • diamond crunches
  • woodchops (R, then L)
  • side plank hip dips (R, then L)
  • wall sit (weight overhead)
  • continue wall sit and lift one leg & pulse (R, then L)

cardio interval: 3 min

  • Turbo Lunges / 30 seconds(jack legs/jump lunge r/jack/jump lunge l)
  • Line Jumps/30 seconds (fast jumps forward and back)
  • Boxer Kicks/30 seconds rest (arms high, fast kicks front)

Circuit 3: (repeat this circuit 3x decreasing reps by 3 each time, no rest)

  • 15 spiderman push ups 12 – 9
  • 20 jump squats – 17 – 14
  • 15 plank with hand taps 12 – 9
  • 15 squat thrusts 12 -9

Finisher:  (if time)

  • Burpee x10
  • goblet squat x30
  • HR push ups x30
  • burpee x10
  • goblet lunge x20/leg
  • mt climbers x30
  • jacks x100

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