Halloween and Thursday workout

1 Nov

My little kitty was sick all night last night and into this morning. She slept about 4 hours this afternoon and was ready to go trick or treating — it’s pretty cold here so we went to the mall . . . along with everyone else in town. Went pretty quickly thought and she was happy. We ran into some friends which was a nice surprise as well. She got a pretty good bit of loot – and some silly bands which excited her more than the candy. I was holding out for more chocolate but I suppose it’s not a bad thing there was only one little bag of m & m’s . . .

On to tomorrow’s workout (assuming sick kitty stays better) — I bring you IRON MAN!

Iron Man

Iron Man (Photo credit: yum9me)

Warm up:

  • Jog to the other set of cones and back – x2
  • Shuttle run (run forwards there and backpedal back) – x2
  • Side shuffle there and back – x1
  • Carioca there and back – x2
  • High knee skips there and back – x2
  • Jog at a faster pace to the other side of room and back – x1

4 circuits, 3ish rounds (will depend on time — might only get through 2x). All exercises 60 sec unless otherwise specified:


  1. punch push ups (2 min) (on toes or knees, push up & punch forward)
  2. DB recliner punch (2 min) (sit back 45 degrees, feet hover above floor and punch light weight)
  3. db snatch R
  4. db snatch L
  5. coffee grinders (feet on step, walk hands around staying in plank)


  1. mt climbers
  2. 20 m shuttle run (2 laps around room from own step)
  3. lateral forward jump width of mat
  4. 5 sec fast feet to 1 reach jump
  5. run 200 m (3x big gym or 2 min jumping jack drill)

Abs/Core: 90 sec each

  1. plank
  2. side plank
  3. side plank
  4. flutter kicks
  5. oblique crunches


  1. cyclone squats (2 min) – feet hip distance, twist and tap opp knee to floor – extend arms side, can add weight
  2. mule kicks (2 min)
  3. lateral lunges (DB on shoulders)
  4. walking lunges (add DB bicep curl)
  5. jump squats

Finisher: Plate push 4x out and back with 6 jump squats end of each run


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