So I overshot that one

29 Oct

Way overplanned today’s workout. And I feel like I’m half assing everything. I have to watch everyone in my classes and there are *ahem* those who just refuse to challenge themselves no matter what I do. And I don’t care that they are half assing so much as I want them to get the most out of their workout – otherwise why bother, right?

So I don’t get to push myself as hard and it’s showing. My abs are pudgy and I’m so embarrassed. I mean, I teach bootcamp — I should look like a beast. Instead I look like this:


Ok . . . that’s not me but i’ll be damned if i’m putting a picture of my own ugly abs on the internet. So back to that workout –

I planned too much. The accumulator part took way longer than I thought it would so we did a warmup, 1 tabata with high knees and hot potato squats followed by the accumulator (see previous post). It was challenging sort of but I wish it was harder – anyone else feel that way?

Planning for tomorrow’s SLAUGHTER bootcamp. I have my Halloween playlist ready to go – just need to kill it! Open to suggestions . . .


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