Halloween week!

28 Oct

I am not subbing this week (yay!) so just this:

Monday — Bootcamp — not sure yet. maybe kickboxing? i have a little routine . . . maybe i could learn it . . .

Tuesday — Bootcamp — Halloween Music, of course! Downloaded from rockmyrun.com

Wednesday — Pilates — Halloween Jazz Music (there’s a playlist on Songza I will probably use)

Thursday — Bootcamp — I stumbled on a Tony Horton method which is this: 5 rounds — upper body/cardio/core/lower body — each exercise is @60 sec and I’ll probably do 3/section.

Hopefully I will get in a spin or running workout on my own — I really miss doing those! And I have a 10k in Dec . . . better run a little before then . . .

Crazy weather this week – possibly SNOW?! I must admit, this does not displease me in any way . . . I kind of have a snow problem. In that I love love love it but it never snows where I am — I freaking lived in MA for 3 years and it never snowed the way one would expect living there! Of course, the year after I moved they had like 7 blizzards. So consider this fair warning for the snow talk – it might come up again.

Heart of snow

Heart of snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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