Tuesday afternoon Bootcamp

2 Oct

SHUT UP & SQUAT (Photo credit: sierrafit)

I think I’ve missed a few days. Not of working out, of course, just posting. So, here we are at Tuesday. I plan these workouts for the week on Sunday and then I change them all week like a lunatic. I’ve already changed today’s workout plan . . . hopefully for the last time before class. Here’s what I *think* we’ll do:


Legs Day

Warm up: run out and back across aerobic room, 10 jacks, repeat then 10 jump ropes. Repeat, decreasing reps each time to 1.

3 sets of each of the following circuits

On Step:

  • stand and bring knee up & kick back
  • squat with leg lift

On Chair:

  • Chair bump squat
  • one leg bump squat
  • step up on chair
  • lateral up and overs on chair
  • cross leg squat bump
  • step up and kick leg forward
  • lateral jump lunge
  • side plank top foot on chair, bottom comes to meet it

Do 1-4, move to next circuit, then top circuit, then 5-8, repeat other circuits, 9-11

  1. Curtsey lunge
  2. wall sit (60 sec)
  3. frog jumps
  4. plank (60 sec)
  5. squat jumps
  6. wall sit (90 sec)
  7. push ups
  8. plank (120 sec)
  9. squat with MB toss up
  10. wall sit (120 sec)
  11. jump lunge

First set 21 Reps, Second 15, Third 9

It’s going to depend on time at this point — I’d like to do a MB circuit but this might take the whole class. Here’s the MB circuit, if time:

  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Toe taps
  • Plank

We’ll end with some abs and stretching!



We did 2 of the first circuit, all of the middle circuit and 2 of the 3rd circuit and ended with the MB circuit. I did things Tabata style, about 30 sec on with a 10-15 second recovery between and 1 min between circuits. Abs were with the MB and we did partner Donkey Kongs at the end (set of 20 — I usually don’t have a partner for these do I don’t do them. Holy cow, they’re hard! 😉

Good workout, I’ll probably be sore tomorrow . . . just in time to teach another (beginner version) bootcamp and pilates!


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