Thursday Bootcamps

27 Sep
Picnic table

Picnic table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AM Plan:

Warm up with dynamic stretching and some light jogs – about 10 min

Going to collect balls in various colors (I’m not entirely sure what colors are available so this is the tentative plan) and put them in the center of the room. People will line up in the 4 corners of the room (depends on how many show up but at least partners, I hope!) and will race to the center to collect as many balls as they can — one at a time.

After they have collected all the balls I’ll then let them know that each ball signifies an exercise, for example:

  • yellow=push ups
  • blue=walking lunges
  • pink=mt climbers
  • purple=squat jumps
  • green=skaters
  • red=burpees

I might do these tabata style or maybe just so many reps

Moving on to upper body circuit, 4 rounds with heavier db each time while decreasing reps:

12x light 10x heavier 8x heavier 6x heaviest

  1. bicep curls
  2. reverse fly
  3. skull crushers
  4. push ups (various)
  5. bent over row
  6. seated deltoid press
  7. bent arm lateral raise
  8. renegade row

Depending on what the weather is doing tomorrow — we’ll go outside for a run. There’s a park close by so exercises with picnic tables –

  • step ups
  • one arm push ups
  • dips
  • balance sits
  • reverse lunge with foot on seat
  • stand on the seat and lift outer leg and crunch towards side
  • knee tucks
  • leg circles standing on the step

There’s a bridge close by and we’ll then do bridge suicides. Sounds morbid but it’s not! There’s street lights along the bridge (which is a hill, btw) so we’ll run the first, back, 2nd, back then 3rd and back to Y

Repeat upper body circuit

This class ends with a butt and gut circuit on Thursdays so here’s the plan for that:

45 sec on/10 sec rest

  • Deadlift
  • sumo squats with alternating knee lifts
  • reverse lunges to front kick (R,L)
  • scissor jacks
  • squat kicks, alternating

Partner abs:

  • 25 reps partner sit ups with high 5’s at top
  • 25 partner sit ups while other partner holds plank
  • 50 leg throws

We’ll then do some stretching before I come back at 4:30!


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