Tuesday afternoon bootcamp

26 Sep
Personal Training Outdoors - Lunges Category:F...

Personal Training Outdoors – Lunges Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Workout #2 for the day:

We did a general dynamic warm up with some squats, lunges, jogging and stretches. About 10 minutes.

Evidently I decided walking was not something I wanted to do today so we focused on legs.

3 rounds 45 sec on/15 sec rest

  • squats – skaters (hands to floor) and hamstring curls with resistance band (looped around step and handles on feet – the 15 sec rest was time to set up)

3 rounds 20 reps

  • step ups or box jumps (they followed my lead and all had 3 risers under each end. ha!) – goblet squat with heavy db – step up over and back lunges (modification was to do them on the floor, which I was doing by the 3rd round!)

30 sec 1 set

  • Runner lunge – Warrior I-II-III without rest — my quads were shaking!

Took a rest and set up for leg circuit #2

1 set (mostly due to time) 15 reps each

  • box jumps with squat on top
  • one leg mt climb – foot comes down (not just toe tap) (R then L)
  • side plank with kick (R then L)
  • quad circles (15 each direction) (R then L)
  • roll ups with jump
  • step ups with front knee or kick (or box jumps) (R then L)
  • squat with side leg lift (one leg on the step, squat and lift outside leg) (R then L)

2 sets:

  • deadlift
  • DB squat
  • hamstring curls (with heavy DB — laying flat on bench, I helped everyone get the DB positioned between feet)

I had planned an upper body set and a medicine ball circuit but at that point there was 10 min left in the class! We did a butt/ab circuit and stretches

  • wall sit ups using stability ball, feet on wall
  • butt burn — fingers on wall, lift and pulse leg behind
  • grasshopper plank on ball (knee to elbow, feet on ball)
  • dolphin plank (hands on ball — was difficult b/c the balls need to be inflated)
  • superman over ball
  • warrior III with ball
  • repeated wall sit ups

And now I’m off to pilates!


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