Friday Pilates

21 Sep
Curso de Instructor de Pilates

Curso de Instructor de Pilates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After teaching 5 Bootcamp classes and 1 pilates class this week, I thought I would take it easy and take a pilates class this am. It’s a class I have taken many times – the instructor has been teaching for years. Love her but 2 complaints — she has NO concept of time (which used to bother me more, now I just come and go when I want to her classes — she almost always starts late and ends late) and she talks the whole time. Again, not something that bothers me so much anymore; I just tune her out and she’s sweet.


Felt pretty good to do some stretching and just a little bit of work (ahem, planks!).

Stay tuned – at least 3 bootcamps and 1 pilates class coming up next week!


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