Thursday Bootcamps

20 Sep
Performing the crunch

Performing the crunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thought I would start posting workouts so I could share and so I could keep track of things I have done! So, I’m subbing for another instructor this week which means 2 bootcamps today. Here’s what we did this am:

Warm up: about 3 min of alternating butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, and squats. Then we took it to the short end of the aerobic room and did a couple of jogs, stability lunges, inch worms, frog squat hops and more jogs. Then we took it outside.

Everyone took a set of [heavy to them] dumbbells and a mat. We went to a corner of the parking lot and partnered off (I ended up partner-less which was fine). Partner A ran — I told them basically keep moving, walk when you need to and stay in sight. Partner B stayed and did 200 jump ropes. Then we switched. After that, things got fun!

One partner was running while we added on each time to the exercises:

200 jump ropes

15 burpees

4 man-makers

10 jump lunge/squats

10 turkish get ups

We ended with one partner resting while other partner ran about 10ish meters, 5 star jacks and back to switch.

Back inside — butt & gut series:

30 plank jacks

10 push ups

15 dolphin planks

10 hip dip side planks – 10 sec hold

repeat side plank other side

15 reverse crunch

15 T plank

20 second bridge hold

10/leg bridge one arm and one leg up – drop hips down and up

15 surfers

Repeated from plank jacks ending with bridge — into stretches


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