Thursday Bootcamps, part 2!

20 Sep

[that isn’t me . . . ]

Like I said in the previous post, I’m subbing this week so the am workout was in addition to my usual Thursday afternoon bootcamp workout. Here’s what I’m planning to do this afternoon (I might be back to update it — who knows what we’ll actually do!)

Warm Up: 20 sec on/10 sec rest 3 sets

Prisoner Jacks — Squat and front Kick — lateral jumps — squat with floor touches — squat with side lift — mt climbs

50 Seconds on/10 seconds rest:

touchdowns (squat and hop side to side touching alternate arm to toe)

10 kick outs (on hands and feet and kick legs side to side at the same time)/10 dips on step

Jackknife (using paper plates)

Knee to elbow abs (feet on plate) — (5) squats


10 donkey kicks/10 mt climbers

knee to elbow abs

10 lateral jump squats/4 pike push ups

burpee box jumps

10 lateral jumps/10 high knees

squat with db on shoulders – take 3 steps to side and press db up as you stand

jackknife (feet on plates)


Outside: Run about 1/2 mile total stopping every light post and doing 5 squats


20 sec on/10 sec rest

Medicine Ball (MB) squat thrust to one leg push up

MB turkish get up with jump

MB tabletop – kick legs

Squat one foot on MB

Lunge with ball knee crunch – jump lunge and switch

mt climb hands on MB

squat — rev lunge — low jack

We will then cool down a little bit with some planks/abs and stretching — I don’t know if there will be time for all of this. I’ll let you know how it goes!

So we were able to get through the whole workout — instead of 5 squats at the light posts, I let the bootcampers pick whatever exercise they wanted to do. And we ran up a busy street/hill so we waited till the top of the hill to do exercises.

For abs, I had them do partner MB donkey kongs, crunches with ball toss and back to back twists.

I thought it was a pretty tough workout and I had a few “thank you’s” on Facebook this morning! Love it!


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