Busy Busy Bees

19 Dec

So I just noticed it’s been over a month since I posted anything. Oops. That’s not because nothing is going on — quite the opposite, in fact!

Big News: I’m going to be instructing my VERY OWN fitness class at our local YMCA starting in January! A bootcamp class, even! Who would have EVER thought that?!

So to back up a little bit, my mom, dad & I ran (well, mom walked) a 5 mile race in Nashville on Thanksgiving. It was awesome except I overdressed and my dad fell — we still finished under 50 min (we didn’t have time chips, so just a guess – official time was 53 something but we were slowed by walkers for literally the first mile; this race has over 7,000 participants!).

So, seriously, am I shrinking? My parents are not that tall?!

What else? My running has taken a total backseat to other fitness things – bootcamp, cycling, pilates, not cleaning the house, oh and grades. There was a week I thought I was getting sick (both hubby and daughter had it!) so I took it easy, gained 100 million lbs and tomorrow I’m subbing pilates! Woot!

Tomorrow is also my birthday. Yippee?


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