I can’t keep up

18 Sep

So this blogging while chasing a 2 year old while cleaning (or not) and living and prepping for a 1/2 marathon is crazy. i don’t have time to do all this! so i’m about a week behind in my life . . .

did my last long run last Sunday. 12 miles. it OWNED me. so sad. took like 12 hours. lovely photos, eh?










i couldn’t even talk about it all week it was so awful. i did redeem myself a little with a 6 mile tempo run Tues and an awesome crazy Motion Traxx treadmill run Friday. Hills and speed wha?!

Toddler woke up Wed morning puking. That was fun. I didn’t make it to the gym but I did do a Nike Training Club workout thing from my iPhone app. I sweated and my thighs burned so I guess it counts for something.

Thursday was boot camp. Always awesome.

Saturday was cycling. Skipped Group Power in favor of the children’s day events at Rhythm & Roots downtown. Other than the scary mascots it was a good time. I think my daughter was a farmer in another life.

So stay tuned. Taper week. Love it. Oh and the cat got a haircut.


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