A week in review

8 Sep

So I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything. Seems to be the story of everything – I simply don’t know how people get anything done. I feel like I could constantly be doing something and my house would still be a mess, I probably haven’t showered and there isn’t anything to eat. Anywho . . .

Playdate this afternoon! with chickens! and 3 under 3 year olds . . .

I’m a bit freaked out that I signed up to run a HALF MARATHON — a year ago I was barely able to run a 5k! It’s true – I ran my first 5k last September! And this year . . . well on Sept 25 I’m running 13.1! And Oct 8, the Overmountain Men 15k Victory Run.

After that, I think I might take a break from running. I should have started this blog 100 years ago . . . when I started training for the half. Seriously, I started training 16 weeks ag0 and while I did have a set back with walking pneumonia, I am so ready to run/burnt out because I HAVE to run!

Workout plan/accomplishments this week:

Sun: Off

Mon: Off (the gym was closed due to Labor Day)

Tues: easy (read: slow) 7 miles on the treadmill

Wed: Group Power

Thurs: Bootcamp

Fri: The plan is treadmill speedwork. I really want to go to pilates but the Fri class is at 9:15 an the instructor goes until like 10:45. First of all, I don’t want to go for that long, second I still want to run. I might run first and then go to pilates? Or just run.

Sat: I think this might end up being an off day because I have to teach from 8:30-12:30 and the gym nursery is only open until 12, I think. Or maybe a video day? Take the kid and the dog to the park? The weather has been pretty awesome so we might just do that!

Sun: final long run before the 1/2 — 12 miles! I got my fancy new water bottle belt so I’m actually excited to run – the last time I ran 11 miles outside, I assumed there would be gas stations open. Um, evidently not so much in the South on a Sunday morning. So I haven’t run outside since because the belt was $40 and I just didn’t want to spend the money that we don’t have but I did and now I will run.

and so we’re off to our playdate!


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