Naptime, schmaptime

29 Aug

So the napless wonder strikes again. I’m so lost – I have about 2 hours at night before I pass out from sheer exhaustion to get done anything I might need to do and that doesn’t include spending time with the husband. It’s a little stressful to say the least.

I’m teaching two classes this fall (luckily two sections of the same class) but I probably should prepare and I was asked to do a guest lecture in a class next week. Again, I should probably prepare a little bit for that.

Yet here we are, sticky fingers all over the computer and me in dire need of more coffee.

I do still have a workout plan for the week:

Sunday: off

Monday: 5k on the treadmill (@28 min) and 60 min pilates

Tuesday: Long run (on the treadmill; I plan to watch a movie and run till it ends or 2 hours is up – that’s the limit in the nursery)

Wednesday: I was going to do another 5k on the treadmill and pilates but I found out that the sub I don’t care much for (as a teacher, not person) is going to be there so I think I’m going to go to Group Power and run 2 miles after

Thursday: Probably bootcamp

Friday: I’m thinking a treadmill 10k (I really want to be able to run a 10k in under an hour so why not practice on the treadmill?)

Saturday: Cycling/Group Power

And now off to entertain the kid. And finally drink that coffee . . .


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