25 Aug

Who remembers fingerpaints? I don’t remember using them all that often . . . and now that I am the mother of a toddler, I know why! They’re a mess but oh-so-much-FUN!

This morning the toddler and I went to the grocery to fill up the new refrigerator. I’m so pleased – it’s the same dimension as the last one but seems soooo much  bigger, perhaps due to the french doors and bottom freezer? At any rate, I’m in LOVE!!!

Sorry, that’s a rotten picture but please don’t judge, I’ve only got an iPhone camera at the minute . . . you’ll notice perhaps that the kitchen is in the midst of a mini-remodel. There’s awful wallpaper in the kitchen/dining area that I’ve been half-assed removing for about 3 months now. The plan (and perhaps the fancy new fridge will motivate) is to remove the wallpaper and paint a lovely shade of green (tbd) and I also found this countertop paint by rustoleum so we’ll do the fake butcher block counters with that in black to match the appliances. This should all take about 5 years, by which time I will be so sick of the awful floors, we’ll have to update those too!

I feel pretty good today – I mentioned the birth control issue yesterday and I added some prozac to the mix (I was taking it to alleviate PMS symptoms, now to alleviate bc issues) and hopefully things will get under control. I hate adding hormones to my already wacky hormonal system but I was desperate. Just ask my husband.

Should probably go see what the princess is up to . . . we’re heading to boot camp later today. I’m excited – the gym is adding an am boot camp on Thursdays starting in the next week or so. I much prefer an am workout!


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