Hello world!

24 Aug

The most exciting thing happened today: my first ever brand new refrigerator was delivered! This might be no big deal to most people but I’ve always just had whatever came with wherever I was living so to me, well, this is HUGE. I’ll post a picture after I clean up the mess left by the delivery guys (the old machine was leaking a bit . . . )

In other news, today didn’t start so well. I am on a new birth control and it’s causing me to be quite angry. I’m not too pleased with that side effect; I’ve only been taking it for a week and a half, so I hope it evens out. I have managed to overcome the nausea that plagued me when I took it in the morning and while my session at the gym didn’t start so great, I felt pretty ok by the time it was over.

Today’s workout:

45 min on the treadmill @ 4 miles

45 min pilates (I got to the gym late so missed the first 15 minutes while I finished my run).

I’m not sure yet if I’ll post all my meals – I read other blogs and the authors do that but my thought is that unless it’s something particularly interesting, a smoothie bowl is a smoothie bowl is a smoothie bowl. For now, I think I’ll stick to workouts and out of the ordinary meals. Sound good?


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